Bold Costumes Raise Controversy About Olivia Rodrigo’s Sexualization

Olivia Rodrigo, also known for starring in High School Musical: The Series: The Musical, made a splash with a dress she wore at the opening party of The Academy Museum Of Motion Pictures.

The 18-year-old singer wore a black dress, with a low neckline, showing a lot of the upper body.

Fans quickly reacted to Olivia Rodrigo‘s dress on the networks. Some said she’s too young to wear such an outfit, while others criticized her fans’ sexualization.

See some tweets about Olivia Rodrigo’s costume below.

Controversy on the networks
There still seems to be no consensus on Olivia Rodrigo’s dress.

“Don’t get me wrong, but isn’t she kind of young for that Yves Saint Laurent dress? I don’t know, I don’t see her mature enough to use this, but maybe it’s just me,” said one fan.

“Yeah, she literally just turned 19. I think it would be different if she had chosen this outfit, but the fact that someone makes her wear this outfit is disgusting,” agreed another fan.

“People sexualizing Olivia Rodrigo is something strange to me,” said another fan.

Olivia Rodrigo: dressed for herself, being comfortable and confident in what she wears. Twitter: ‘I think shes too young to wear this’ ‘Hollywood is sexualizing her’ ‘She shouldn’t wear this because men will sexualize her’” commented another.