Brasil’s President-Elect: “Country Could not Continue to Flirt With Communism, Socialism”

In an interview with Pastor Silas Malafaia, President-electJair Bolsonaro  (PSL) said his election was not easy and that it can only be explained “for God’s sake.” The talk, which lasted approximately ten minutes, was recorded last Tuesday, August 30, when Bolsonaro was at the seat of the Church of the Assemblies of God Victory in Christ, in Penha, north of Rio, but it aired on Saturday in the program of the same name, in Band.

“Far be it from me wanting to be the savior of the motherland,” the president-elect told the pastor. “But the country could not continue to flirt with communism, socialism, populism, and the wearing down of family values.” Bolsonaro said that during his campaign, “in his travels around Brazil”, he always said that the country needed a president “man or woman, who was honest, had God in his heart and who was patriotic.”

Bolsonaro said that he has already twice been with Israeli authorities who have made themselves available to provide technology to address the problem of lack of water in the Northeast of the country. “With this technology, we can do even better than in Israel: there it rains less than in our semi-arid region, “he said. “With this, we will give independence to the people of the Northeast, so that it leaves the hands of the colonels.”

He said he talked to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump. According to Bolsonaro, the American president said that “he is very happy” with his victory in the Brazilian election.

Regarding the formation of his government, Bolsonaro again stated that he is looking for technical names for the ministries. “The final consequence of taking it there, gives here is the inefficiency of the state,” he said. “So we are setting up a ministry of technical people, which responds to yearnings of the population and not party groups. ”

Jair Bolsonaro also said that he intends to govern by example. “We will value the Brazilian family, respect the innocence of children in the classroom, have a policy of coping with violence – because there is no economy with violence – trade with the whole world without ideological bias and seek technology with more developed countries.” Pastor Silas Malafaia, who married Bolsonaro with his current wife, Michelle, eleven years ago, spoke about the new First Lady: “She is a discreet, simple woman who likes the human being, who in my church used to serve at the table, is attached, likes the human being and has a beautiful job with the hearing impaired, “he said.

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