Brazil Breaks 1 Million People Infected with Cornavirus

The new epidemic (covid19) continued to spread, and Brazil suffered more than 1 million epidemics and nearly 49,000 deaths in Brazil on the 19th. Former Brazilian Minister of Health Luiz Henrique Mandetta said the public has lost faith in the Brazilian Ministry of Health.

Mandeta said that the Ministry of Health had “lost credibility” under the leadership of Posonalo. Mandetta also said, “Our doctors don’t know much about the war, and the generals don’t know much about health. The numbers of the new coronary pneumonia will tell the truth, if the numbers are not reviewed.”

Mandeta, 55, with medical background, was replaced by President Posonalo in April because he insisted on implementing epidemic prevention measures. Brazil later became the second most serious country in the world with new coronavirus, after the United States.

After Mandeta was expelled, the Minister of Health changed to Dr. Nelson Teich. However, only four weeks after taking office, Tek resigned. Then he was temporarily replaced by an army general, Eduardo Pazuello, who did not have a public health background.