British Company İnvents New Toilets to Shorten Toilet Time for Employees

Recently, a British start-up company invented a toilet designed to make employees’ toilet time shorter and work more hours. The company claims that the toilet seat is tilted forward about 13 degrees, which will increase the load on the legs, and users who sit on the toilet for more than five minutes may feel a little nervous. A survey of more than 3,500 people in 8 cities in the UK showed that London office workers spend an average of 28 minutes on the toilet during office hours. Because of this long break, the business sector loses up to 4 billion pounds a year.

Toilets to increase productivity at work. This is the reason behind the new tilted bowl designed by StandardToilet, a British company.

Mahabir Gill, its founder, explains in a Wire article that the 13-degree tilt causes leg tension not strong enough to cause physical problems, but will make you want to get up after five minutes.

Between 175 and 590 €
A consulting engineer for 40 years, Mahabir Gill says that during his career, he saw employees asleep in the bathroom and complained of too many queues to access the public toilets.

Wire said the model of the  sells for between € 175 and € 590 and that the company is already in talks with several local boards and highway service stations.