Britney Spears: Second Love of Her Life

Britney Spears  shared  her social networks to share with her followers the news of the arrival of her “second love of her life”.

Singer Britney Spears is once again the center of attention on social networks, after uploading a sweet video to her platforms. The interpreter of “Toxic”, who has put aside the accusations against her younger sister Jamie Lynn, was encouraged to share good news with her followers. A new member has joined the Spears family!

Britney Spears: “He is the second love of her life!”
As we already know, Britney Spears often uses her platforms to update her fans on how her life is going after the guardianship to which she was subjected for 13 years. On this occasion, the artist showed her “second love of her life”.

“Everyone can have two loves of their lives, he is the second love of their life! I present to you the new version of my family. His name is Sawyer and he is a white Australian Shepherd with blue eyes, ”she began her message on her networks.

Later, she revealed why she loves her new pet so much, “It’s funny! She doesn’t respond, but it’s like she understands what I’m saying! I can talk to him for 30 minutes, potty train him! I think he understands me especially with those eyes, ”she assured.

Britney Spears fans ask her to release new music
Prior to this publication, Britney Spears uploaded a video that moved her followers. In the short, the singer is seen as she dances to her hit “Get naked (I got a plan).”

“This is 13 seconds of me in heels, before I dyed my hair purple. This is a sneak peek of things to come! My song “Get naked”! I hope you are having a great day,” said the interpreter of “Stronger”.

The reaction of his fans was immediate. Many of them took advantage of the occasion to ask the artist for a new album, specifically, the second part of her Blackout album. “Blackout 2.0 is on the way”, “Blackout 2.0 confirmed” and “Like this comment if you want Blackout 2 to be released”, they wrote.

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