Bulletproof Designed to Protect Passengers from External Fire

The concept of safety is different from that of a bulletproof car that VIPs from around the world board. Bulletproof vehicles are designed to protect passengers from external fire, poisonous gas, fire, etc., as well as collision safety.

Bulletproof vehicles are divided into VR1 to VR10 (Germany) depending on the performance. Bulletproof vehicles use special panels with an average of 25 layers of 4mm or more, which is 10 times that of ordinary vehicles. The thick bulletproof glass can prevent external shooting, and must be completely blocked even in the body gap in case of poisonous gas.

Mercedes-Benz can be said to be the origin of bulletproof vehicles. Mercedes-Benz’s latest bulletproof vehicle is the Maybach S650 Pullman Guard. Pullman Guard has a dedicated production line, and has achieved the highest level of VR10 in the German bulletproof performance standards through special alloys, high-strength materials, and specially developed underbody protective gloves.

The exterior is fire-retardant in preparation for flames and can withstand chemical weapon attacks through a separate oxygen supply system. The Powertrain is equipped with a 6.0-liter V12 twin turbo engine, which produces a maximum output of 530 horsepower and a maximum torque of 84.6kgm. Pullman Guard exclusive suspension and brakes are applied.

The A8 L Bulletproof Vehicle that Audi recently unveiled in Russia meets the bulletproof grade VR9 (VR1 ~ VR10). The sniper’s bullets, grenades, and vehicles can protect passengers, and the tolerance weight is 3875kg with the addition of bulletproof panels and various hardware. It also has a fire extinguishing system and communication equipment.

When a hazardous air pollutant is detected, the air flap is closed and clean air is supplied to the vehicle for a limited time. There is also a built-in explosion system in case of an emergency where the door does not open. The power train is equipped with a V8 twin turbo engine, with a maximum output of 563 horsepower and a maximum torque of 81.6kgm.

The Cadillac One used by President Trump of the United States is a body-on-frame method, not a monocoque method. The body weight is 8800 kg. The door is the same material as the airplane and is 200mm thick. Bulletproof glass is 125mm thick, and the tire is a run flat tire made of Kevlar, which holds up to mines.

You can spray tear gas on the grill. In the vehicle interior, a transfusion kit was prepared for emergency situations, and a fuel tank protection device was applied to prevent explosions. It is equipped with a 6.6 liter V8 Duramax diesel engine, which produces a maximum output of 330 horsepower. The top speed is 100km / h and the combined fuel efficiency is 3km / ℓ.

The BMW 760Li Security has a bullet-proof body, bullet-proof glass, special plating, run flat tires, and auxiliary fuel. Bulletproof glass is only 60mm thick, and it can withstand explosives by special plating treatment on the lower part of the body. The powertrain is equipped with a 6.0 liter V12 engine, which shows a maximum output of 544 hp.

BMW also unveiled the SUV X5 Protection VR6 last year. The roof can withstand up to 200g of C4 explosives, and the bullet-proof glass thickness is 33mm. Polycarbonate was added to the inside of the bulletproof glass. The Powertrain is powered by a 4.4-liter V8 engine, producing a maximum output of 523 horsepower.

Starting with the Equus Limousine Bulletproof Vehicle in 2009, Hyundai Motor Company provides the Presidential Bulletproof Vehicle to the Blue House. The Equus Stretched Edition has a wheelbase of 1000mm longer than the Equus limousine, and has VR7-rated bullet-proof performance. Subsequently, it was replaced by an EQ900 bullet-proof vehicle with the addition of advanced security equipment.


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The concept of safety is different from that of a bulletproof car that VIPs from around the world board.

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