Rihanna Turns to Chancellor Merkel

Rihanna not only mixes the music world, she also tries to change things in politics with her fame. Her commitment went so far that she turned to Chancellor Angela Merkel – via Twitter.

The fact that singer Rihanna (30) is no longer concentrating solely on music has long been known. With her fame the musician tries again and again to move a lot politically in the world. Rihanna has been supporting donor organizations and charities for several years. She wants to help her home country Barbados in particular. Her international success is also expected to pay off for the poor country, and she has even been named Special Ambassador of Barbados.

The 30-year-old is to promote education in the Caribbean island nation, promote tourism and investment in Barbados. How much she cares about education has now become clear in a tweet she wrote to German Chancellor Angela Merkel (64). “Hello, Minister Müller and Chancellor Merkel. I’m thrilled to see Germany make education a priority, “Rihanna said, asking for more support. 50 million euros per year should be just that support.

She had even finished her tweet with a German “Danke”. With this post, Rihanna wants to draw attention to the fact that school education in many poor countries is still far from being where it should be.