Camelouni: Iran’s Enrichment Level Reached 4.5%

A spokesman for the Atomic Energy Agency said Monday morning the uranium production level reached 4.5.

Iran’s atomic energy agency spokesman Behrouz Kamalwandi said Monday morning that Iran has exceeded 4.5 percent of its uranium enrichment rate this morning.

He said that this enrichment is enough to fully meet the country’s need to supply fuel to power plants.

The spokesman for the Atomic Energy Agency said that the Agency will announce the exact amount of fuel richness after analyzing the samples taken.

According to ISNA, fuel for power plants has a different enrichment rate, from 1.1 percent to less than 5 percent. Now, by enriching uranium in various riches, less than 5 percent of Iran is able to supply power plant, including the Bushehr power plant.

Iran said on Sunday that technical issues would increase uranium enrichment rates, and that Iran’s enrichment rate will go through 3.67 for another hour. Our forecast is that on Monday morning, when the report was submitted to the Agency, we exceeded 3.67%, and this was an announcement by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He noted that an increase in the enrichment rate would be done according to the country’s needs, and now we need power plants, and in the long run we need a nuclear propeller, each with its own percentages.

Salehi’s deputy emphasized that the first step may take time, but in the second step there is no time.