Can Eating Yogurt Drinking Tea and Alcohol Prevent Coronavirus

KSP-SP recently released a market trend report analyzing the effects of the new coronavirus (approximately 830 supermarkets nationwide). According to the report, the effect of increasing immunity is attracting attention, and sales of natto, lactic acid bacteria, and yogurt are increasing.

Can eating yogurt every day help prevent coronavirus infection? If so, how many grams per day would be ideal?

A question about the health benefits of yogurt.

First of all, as for the coronavirus, as you know, it is not long ago that it is recognized as an infectious disease, and at this stage, we do not know anything about the health effects of yogurt on this virus, including whether there is any is. Future knowledge is awaited.

For common cold, taking 8 to 12 weeks of 90g daily yogurt fermented with lactic acid bacteria isolated from traditional yogurt reduces the risk of morbidity compared to drinking 100mL milk for the same period. There is a report that it can be reduced by 2.6 times.

S. Makino et al. (2010) British Journal of Nutrition, 104, 998-1006.
In addition, this yogurt is sold in a red package.

Regarding hay fever, there is an example in which a patient with cedar hay fever was given a 200 ml drink of fermented milk of lactic acid bacteria Lactobacillus acidophilus every day for 6 weeks, and the symptoms of shedding tears improved.

Y. Ishida et al., (2005) Biosci. Biotechnol. Ciochem., 69, 1652-1660.

Norovirus is a causative agent of infectious gastroenteritis, which is common in winter, causing abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

There is no vaccine or remedy so far, and it is very infectious, so if it becomes epidemic, it will be very troublesome.
A protein called lactoferrin contained in milk that has not been heat-sterilized inhibits norovirus adhesion to cells in the body, and indirectly inhibits the virus that has entered cells trying to self-replicate. Has been done.

H. Ishikawa et al., (2006) Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun., 434, 791-796.

When heated, lactoferrin destroys the protein form, but yogurt containing lactoferrin extracted from milk before heating is also commercially available.

Among patients who consulted medical institutions for suspected norovirus gastroenteritis, those who drink yogurt containing 100 mg of lactoferrin daily have a significantly higher positive rate of norovirus infection than those who do so once a week. Some results are low.

In each case, we can see the result of enhancing or regulating the human immune system.

Because yogurt is not a medicine, it doesn’t have immediate health benefits or therapeutic benefits.

If you have a cold or have symptoms of hay fever, it seems that there is no effect even if you take it in a hurry.
By controlling the immune system by taking it for a long period of time and improving its constitution, I it may be indirect, but less susceptible to illness.

From belief to transmission, we have unknowingly become part of the chain of rumors, spreading these claims further and further, adding a lot of unnecessary pressure to the epidemic.

PhD in Food Engineering, Department of Agriculture and Biological Engineering, Purdue University, USA

Rumor 1: Drinking tea and alcohol can be antiviral

Rumors suggest that alcohol can sterilize, so people drinking high-alcohol can also kill the new crown virus; tea is rich in tea polyphenols, and there have been studies of tea polyphenols against influenza viruses, so it can also fight new crown virus.

Truth: Just thinking out of thin air

Alcohol concentration of high-level liquor is generally between 50% and 60%, which cannot reach the disinfection concentration of 75% of medical alcohol. The premise of medical alcohol to kill the virus is “directly acting on the virus”. Drinking alcohol enters the digestive tract, and the virus enters the respiratory tract.

The virus targeted by tea research is not a new crown virus, and there is no scientific basis for its resistance to the new crown virus. “Drinking tea can prevent new crown pneumonia” is completely conceivable.

Myth 2: Onion, Ginger, Garlic, Pepper Anti-Virus

It is rumored that experiments have shown that “allicin,” “allium,” “curcumin,” “capsaicin,” etc., have the effect of inhibiting the virus. Therefore, eating spicy food such as onion, ginger, garlic, and pepper can kill the new crown virus; Ginger in mouth Slices or raw garlic go out to avoid new crown virus infection.

Truth: Can’t be extended to people

These are conclusions based on cell experiments and animal experiments. Lack of evidence for in vivo and clinical trials cannot be generalized to humans.

In addition to entering the new coronavirus through the mouth, it also enters the human body through the nasal cavity and the mucous membranes of the eyes. Therefore, it is difficult to avoid infection when it contains ginger slices or raw garlic. You should wear a mask to protect yourself when you go out.

Rumor 3: Curry, pepper and other spices anti-virus

According to the information on the website, “700 Indians in Wuhan have returned to China to test for zero infection.” Some people say that Indians eat curry for a long time, and spices have anti-inflammatory ability, so they will have zero infection.

Truth: No direct relationship

Whether these people are infected depends on their exposure to the source of infection before returning to India and is not directly related to the eating habits of curry or spices.

In addition, the statement that “700 Indians in Wuhan returned to China to test for zero infections” is not accurate. According to information released by the Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, India confirmed the third case of pneumonia caused by new crown virus infection in India on February 3. The patient has Wuhan Travel history.

Rumor 4: health products can resist new crown virus

Rumors say that resveratrol can be antiviral; lactoferrin can improve the body’s immunity and make it less likely to be infected with new crown virus.

Truth: immunity ≠ disease resistance

Resveratrol is commonly used in health products and belongs to plant extracts. Although it has shown antioxidant capacity in cell experiments, its “antiviral” claim has no scientific basis.

Lactoferrin may have certain health benefits for babies, but the words “improving immunity” and “protecting against new crown virus” are false propaganda.

In addition, “improving immunity” does not mean “improving resistance to disease”.

Human immunity needs to be maintained at a reasonable level, not the higher the better. Excessive immunity may cause disease, induce allergies, systemic lupus erythematosus and so on. In this epidemic, some young and strong patients became sick due to the excessive activation of the immune system.

Myth 5: Certain Fruits Are Antiviral

A billboard in front of a fruit store promoted “CCTV notice, strawberry can effectively prevent new crown pneumonia”; circle of friends said “Huyou can prevent new crown pneumonia”.

Truth: False Propaganda Investigated

Loquat fruit is just food, and there is no basis to prove that it can prevent new crown pneumonia. It is understood that due to false publicity, the fruit shop merchant has been severely investigated and punished by local regulatory authorities.

Although there is currently no specific food that can help people resist the new crown virus, but through a reasonable diet and balanced nutrition, the body is in a good state, which helps improve disease resistance.

The National Health and Health Commission issued the “Guidelines on Nutritional Diets for the Prevention and Treatment of Pneumonia Due to New Coronavirus Infection” to provide guidance to the general population on the epidemic-resistant diet.

1. Diverse foods, mainly cereals

The daily diet should include cereals, vegetables, fruits, poultry, fish, eggs, milk, soybeans and so on.

2. Eat more fruits and vegetables, milk, soybeans

Choose dark fruits and vegetables instead of fresh fruits. 300 grams of liquid milk per day, especially yogurt.

3. Eat fish, poultry, eggs and lean meat in moderation

Anchovies, poultry, eggs and lean meats should be consumed in moderation. Eat less fatty, smoked and cured meats. Resolutely put an end to eating wild animals.

4. Less salt, less oil, sugar control

Light diet, eat less high salt and fried food. Drink plenty of water. Adults should drink 7-8 cups (1500-1700 ml) per day. Drinking plain water and tea is recommended.

5. Eat dynamic balance, healthy weight


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