Can I Go to Work After Broken Ankle

Walking feet are very painful, which is the reason for not walking for a long time. If the pain means that you cannot walk more, you can walk with crutches. Also with simple standing training, start with a weight of 25% of the body weight-50% weight (standing with both feet)-75% weight-100% weight (standing on one foot), when the weight is 50% When the weight is 100%, the walking training can be carried out on one crutches, and when the weight is 100%, the walking training can be carried out without crutches. Stand up training for 10 minutes once a day and walk for 10 minutes.

: It mainly depends on the condition of the joint surface injury. It is normal to have pain for 20 days. You still need to pay attention to raising the affected limb, placing a pillow under the affected limb, which is higher than the heart to facilitate the return of blood and facilitate the formation of callus. Do not use the affected limb to get out of bed for weight-bearing activities.You can move the joints of the affected limb and toe bending exercises on the bed to avoid muscle atrophy and joint adhesion.
In terms of treatment, reduce swelling and pain, relax tendons and activate collaterals, and promote blood circulation and blood stasis. It can help fractures to promote the growth of bone cells, help the rapid formation of callus (bones), and heal and recover faster. , Generally, it can be cured within 40-60 days of taking medicine.

How long will it take to rest after a fracture?

As the saying goes: “Injury the tendons and move the bones for a hundred days.” Generally, it takes 45 to 60 days to form a callus, while it takes about 90 days to grow. So it mainly depends on the nature of your work. Office), then you can resume work at this time; if it is a labor-based job, it is best to start participating after another 2 to 4 weeks (that is, three and a half months).

I have a broken arm and there is a steel plate inside. How long does it usually take to go to work like a normal person and work as normal as others?

If it is light physical work, such as office workers, at least two months later, you can go to work.If it is heavy physical work, it will take more than half a year.Do not load the affected limb within one year to avoid re-fracture.

How long can I go to work after a tailbone fracture?

Coccyx fracture depends on the displacement. A period of rest with little changes in bone position will take about 4 to 6 weeks to heal. If the position shifts greatly, manual or surgical reduction is necessary. No matter how long it is, the time will be longer.

Going to work depends on personal circumstances. For example, the degree of local pain, type of job, position, willingness, etc.

If you don’t want to be laid off, or the boss’s own unit can’t leave, etc., you can bring your injuries to work.
If it is a physical labor and a work-related injury, it may be a little painful and I don’t want to go to work.
It is generally believed that the small ones will get better slowly, and there are not likely to be sequelae.

How long can I return to work after the fracture?

Hello: The law does not clearly stipulate the specific training time after a fracture. This is generally based on the doctor’s order. If the training time recommended by the doctor is exceeded, employees may be required to go to work and arrange appropriate work.

How long can I go to work if my leg is broken when I work in the factory?

Calf fractures require fracture fixation. In this case, fixation is usually required. After two to three months, the patient’s functional exercises are carried out in the later stage. Generally four to five months can be carried out. Ground movement functional exercises, as long as the fracture is healed well, the function Exercise is in place and you can work normally. Normally, you should strengthen the nutrition and oral bone growth drugs, and perform exercises for the contraction of the thigh and calf muscles.

How long can I walk with a broken thigh? How long can I go to work?

If the fracture has obvious soft callus, some part of it is healed, and the patient can walk on the ground in 4 to 6 weeks. The patient can walk with crutches but cannot bear weight to prevent falls and reoccurrence of fracture displacement.
If it is surgical treatment, the patient has obvious displacement, neurovascular injury and . After the surgical treatment, the thigh fracture is firmly internally fixed. Under normal circumstances, you can hold the crutches for a week, and you can go to the ground in 3 to 7 days. I hope you get well soon

How long does it take for a bone fracture to go to work? I can’t wait now

In fact, as long as you can endure the inconvenience and pain, you can go to work, but in this case, it’s probably because you haven’t got the money and your body is still rooted.

How long can I go to work for a lumbar fracture?

Although it is a folk saying that hurts the muscles and bones for 100 days, it makes sense. Generally, fractures are treated intensively, usually for 15 to 30 days depending on the severity of the condition. Rest at home for at least 2 months after discharge. It will be initially healed after taking a rest for a total of about 100 days. As for whether you can go to work or not, it depends on how busy you are at work. If the work is relatively easy and does not affect the recovery of the waist, it is recommended that you can go to work after 6 months of recuperation. During this period, Lou’s pain and arthralgia moxibustion can be used for auxiliary rehabilitation. Use it every other day. Use it continuously for 2 months. Don’t do heavy work to avoid bone restoration and misalignment. Work and rest at ordinary times.