Cathay Pacific’s Profit in August Broke Through 50 Billion Yuan

Guotai Gold Control (2882) Earnings after the tax in August, the first break through the 50 billion mark! Guotai Gold announced its profit on the 7th, earning 5.14 billion yuan after tax in a single month. The accumulated profit after tax in the first eight months reached 52.42 billion yuan, setting a record high for the same period since the establishment of Cathay Financial. Compared with the same period last year, it grew by nearly 21%, and the after-tax earnings per share was as high as 4.01 yuan.

In the case of the gold control that has announced the profit on the 7th, the accumulated after-tax profit of Guotai Gold in August is still the first place in the financial control. Fubon Financial Holdings has not announced the profit in August, the first 7 months of the previous month. After tax, the profit was 4.02 yuan, which was the profit-making king of the financial control. However, the profit after tax in the previous July was 42.6 billion yuan, which still did not exceed Guotaijin.

Cathay Gold Co., Ltd. Cathay Pacific Bank’s profit after tax in August was 2.65 billion yuan, earning a profit of 2.13 billion yuan in the monthly profit of the brother company Cathay Life Insurance. Cathay World Bank‘s accumulated profit after tax in August was 16.24 billion yuan, also set a Its historical record for profit for the same period was 7.9% higher than that of the previous August. Guotai Gold spokesman Deng Chongyi said that the bank has steadily grown and responded to interest income, fee income or financial operations this year. In profit.

Cathay Life’s accumulated profit after tax in August was 35.81 billion yuan, up 26.7% from the same period of last year. The profit amount was the second highest in history. It has not exceeded the profit after tax of 36.39 billion yuan in the first eight months of 2014, but the difference is only 580 million. yuan.

China Life had a cash dividend of more than 2 billion yuan in August, but because of the depreciation of the New Taiwan dollar in August, foreign investment has exchange gains, so the foreign exchange reserve of 1.3 billion yuan was added, and some profits were eaten. At the end of August, China Life The reserve balance of foreign exchange price changes has reached 16 billion yuan, which is still the highest in the life insurance industry.

As the global capital market is at a relatively high level, China Life is also actively pursuing equity capital gains this year. First, it is “returning to the bag”. In the first half of this year, the income of China Life’s stock is about NT$46 billion. Many stocks are earned. The price difference and the cash dividends are not equal. Therefore, China Life’s cash dividends at home and abroad this year are about 23 billion yuan, slightly lower than the 23.7 billion yuan in the whole year.

Last year, the profit of Guotai Golden Tax was 56.77 billion yuan, which was the second highest in historical profits. In the first eight months of this year, Guotai Gold’s profit has reached a record high. It was only 4.35 billion yuan from last year. From September to December last year. After the Guotai Golden Tax, it will earn another 13.4 billion yuan, its China Life earns 8 billion yuan, and Cathay World Bank China Silver will be 4.7 billion yuan. If the remaining four months of this year last year, the Guotai Gold will be able to re-create the whole year. The record is high and the challenge is to break through the 600 billion mark. (News source: Business Time