Chemicals in the Sunscreen Enter the Bloodstream at High Rates

High levels of chemicals are present in the blood stream, raising concerns about their impact on health.

Where the results showed a high rate of 4 chemicals in the blood stream, after the use of a sun visor after the use of each spray or lye or cream, for four days as directed by the poster, according to the report. Dr. Kanadi Shinkai, a dermatologist at the University of California School of Medicine, said the levels were well above the limit set by the Food and Drug Administration, which requires topical drugs to undergo safety studies.

Doctors disagreed about the effect this would have on human health, and whether people should stop using it based on this study. Dr. David Strauss of the US Food and Drug Administration led the study on sun protection and was published on May 6 in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association, one of the country’s leading medical journals.

Most sunscreens sold in pharmacies, chemicals such as oxybenzone, obupunzone, and octocryline, are used to prevent harmful rays.

These organic chemicals absorb ultraviolet rays and transform them into a small amount of heat, however animal studies have raised fears that chemicals, including oxy-benzone in particular, may disrupt patterns