China Lowered the Price of the iPhone

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Sina mobile phone news Beijing time on January 11 afternoon news, recently, the topic of Apple iPhone price cuts continue to ferment, Apple also began to adjust the channel price, iPhone full line products will have different magnitudes of price cuts. The domestic e-commerce platform Jingdong, Tmall, Suning Tesco also began to reduce the iPhone price.

Suning Tesco: iPhone XR 128G version only 5799 yuan

On January 11, Suning Mobile official Weibo said that Suning Tesco has significantly lowered the price of iPhone products, and the price cut has spread to the iPhone XR. During the event, the iPhone XR 128GB version has an activity price of 6,199 yuan. After receiving the 400 yuan coupon, the price is only 5,799 yuan, which is 1200 yuan less than the price of Apple’s official website of 6,999 yuan.

At the same time, Suning Tesco has also been on the iPhone XR redemption activity, with the iPhone 7P for iPhone XR, the price as low as 3,500 yuan can start XR. Compared with the official website of Apple recently launched the iPhone XR for 4399 yuan, to participate in the Suning Tesco redemption activities only need 3,500 yuan to replace an iPhone XR.

In addition to the iPhone XR, Suning Tesco currently sells iPhone 7 64GB for 5788 yuan, which is 311 yuan cheaper than the Jingdong platform. In the Weibo mobile phone’s Weibo, he also tweeted his friends and said, “Let’s cut prices together.”

Jingdong: Mainly adjust iPhone 8

Jingdong said that starting at 0:00 on January 11, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will cut prices. The adjusted price is as follows: iPhone 8 is priced at 3,999 yuan and iPhone 8 Plus is priced at 4,799 yuan.

Apple’s official website shows that the current iPhone 8 offer 5099 yuan, iPhone 8 Plus offer 5999 yuan, respectively, and Jingdong price difference of 1100 yuan, 1,200 yuan.

Tmall: the highest straight down 1,500 yuan

Tmall announced that at 0:00 on January 11, Apple significantly lowered the price of the iPhone on the Tmall platform. The price of iPhone XR and iPhone 8/8P in Tmall Suning’s flagship store has been lowered to 5,549 yuan, 3,899 yuan and 4,788 yuan respectively, which is 1200 yuan lower than the official website price of Apple. At the same time, Tmall mobile phone said that during the New Year Festival, the iPhone XS, iPhone XS MAX and other popular models will be subsidized, and the new iPhone will drop 1,500 yuan.

For the reason for adjusting the price, only Jingdong said that it is officially notified and authorized by Apple. Suning Tesco said that it is the Suning New Year Festival, just a normal Spring Festival promotion. The Tmall platform has not explained the reason.