China Telecom MAY be Using Dito Telecommunity as a “Trojan Horse” to Spy on the Philippines

China Telecom MAY be using Dito Telecommunity as a “Trojan Horse” to spy on the Philippines, according to Senator Risa Hontiveros.

“I would not be surprised if ChinaTel deliberately bought stakes in Dito Telco to be able to spy more deeply on our country, especially since China has a vested interest in our territories,” Hontiveros said.

According to Hontiveros, he continues to appeal to the National Security Council (NSC) to conduct a security audit on Dito, the country’s third telco player, to ensure the country’s security.

ChinaTel’s Dito may be a ‘Trojan Horse’, so we will continue to patrol Dito as well as the NSC to ensure that our national security does not become vulnerable. Until now, our proposal to conduct a security audit in Dito for a long time has not been implemented, ”the senator stressed.

In 2019, Hontiveros also filed a resolution for the Senate to investigate the national security implications of the agreement that allows Dito to build cell sites inside the military bases of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

“It is unknown that China has a strong interest in claiming the West Philippine Sea and considering the actions of their ships especially this year, they will openly do everything-whether to buy a telcom or a power system-to get it. what we have, ”Hontiveros added.

An Australian lawmaker had earlier warned that China was using Communist Party-controlled and owned instrumentalities such as ChinaTel and Dito as “Trojan Horses” to infiltrate the infrastructure of small countries in the Indo-China region.

In a speech in the Australian Senate recently, Queensland Senator James McGrath said it was time to address the Chinese threat, of which he was particularly concerned about ChinaTel’s 40 per cent share in Dito.

“Many are concerned that Dito Telecommunity is a Trojan horse for spying, including on the armed forces of the Philippines and its allies the United States and Australia,” he said.

“When we consider how many Australian companies house parts of their businesses in the Philippines, such as call centers, this should ring alarm bells with cybersecurity experts,” McGrath added.

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China Telecom MAY be Using Dito Telecommunity as a "Trojan Horse" to Spy on the Philippines

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