Chinese Hackers are Suspected of Spying on American Companies

Chinese hackers spied on dozens of US companies, including Amazon and Apple, using microchips installed in computer equipment, Bloomberg reports. The agency refers to data obtained from 17 sources in companies and special services who wished to remain anonymous.

According to Bloomberg, in 2015, on the request of Amazon, several servers collected by the American manufacturer Supermicro were checked and suspicious microchips were unexpectedly discovered. Amazon reported this to the US authorities, which launched an investigation. The authorities concluded that microchips allowed hackers to spy on the activities of companies, according to agency sources. The investigation also revealed that the chips were installed in Chinese factories where components were made. Moreover, according to sources, this was done by a special unit of the Chinese army.

Apple and Amazon have already come forward with denials of information from Bloomberg – both companies have stated that they did not detect any malicious chips in their equipment or any manipulations with this equipment.