“Chocolate Made from Fruit-Vegetables Peels will Prevent Disease”


Food Science and Technology Department of BHU, researchers will be seen pumping pomegranate andapple peel. He is researching these throws in his laboratory. We gather to prepare powder for fighting many diseases in our body.

The quality of antioxidant found in abundance in peels is the subject of research. Dr. Arvind, professor and expert of this test, points out that there is abundant antioxidant in the peels of fruits and vegetables, so it is our effort that the antioxidant in it will prevent the free radicals that increase the disease in the body.

To remove antioxidants from the peels, it is passed through a process. After removing the juice of grapes and pomegranate in the first lab, it is dried up which he removes. The peels of apples, tomatoes, pomegranate, beetroot etc. are dried by putting them in a special machine. After the drying of the peels, it is put into another machine and the antioxidant in it is removed and powder is made. This powder is preparing to make yogurt sugar-free products like chocolate which will be effective in preventing many diseases.

According to Dr. Arvind, our lifestyle in today’s life includes drunkenness, run race, irregular life and smoking, which makes free radicals in our body. They have diseases such as blockage and diabetes in the heart. When this radical breaks our DNA, then a disease like cancer arises. If antioxidant is used for prevention in the early stages of these diseases, then it can be very successful. This experiment has been prepared at the lab level. Some tests will be followed for the use of humans.

Comments will now proceed after experimenting with the product made in the lab. From the antioxidant powder found in fruits and vegetables, curd has been prepared in the product lab, such as Chirchalka. After testing them, the preparation will be done for the market.

After the success of this experiment it is clear that the peels of the fruits which we throw, the same peel can help us to fight against many diseases. That is, you can say that nothing created by nature is not worthless.


Hülya Karahan