Colombia Achieves Business Expectations of US $ 12 Million in Fitur

During the first three days of the Fair, the 50 participating Colombian businessmen made business meetings with companies from 39 countries.

olombia is successfully closing its participation in Fitur, one of the most important tourism fairs in Latin America that takes place in Madrid, Spain. During the first three days of the fair open only to professional audiences, the country managed to record a business expectation for about US $ 12 million.

This result was obtained thanks to the 598 citations that 50 Colombian businessmen, including operators, hotels and tourism entities, had with international companies from 39 countries, who were presented with a broad portfolio of the tourist experiences that Colombia offers in products of sun and beach, culture, cruises, nature, adventure and meetings. Amazonas was one of the destinations presented by entrepreneurs, which stands out for being a sustainable and high quality destination.

“The great results we have obtained in Fitur 2020 show that Colombia is definitely going through a great moment in the international tourism scene. There are 50 Colombian entrepreneurs with business expectations for about US $ 12 million in the first three days of the fair with companies from 39 countries such as Germany, China, Spain, United States, India and Russia, among others, ”said the president of ProColombia , Flavia Santoro Trujillo.

That’s how I went to Colombia

Several hotel chains in Colombia generated business expectations with Italian, American, Spanish or German companies close to US $ 7 million.

For its part, Green Travel DMC, a company that started participating in the SME mission six years ago – activity that is parallel to Fitur – has been participating directly in the commercial meetings of the Spanish fair for two consecutive years. On this occasion, he met with companies from the Dominican Republic, Spain, Mexico, Argentina and India, among others, generating a business expectation close to US $ 126,000.

In addition, Panamericana de Viajes, a Colombian travel agency, managed to establish appointments with companies in Puerto Rico, Spain, Mexico and Italy, among others, achieving a business expectation of more than US $ 500,000.

Among the international companies with which several Colombian companies generated important synergies is Viva Tours, a Spanish wholesale travel agency recognized in the European market, in addition to Solférias, a tour operator from Portugal that offers in its portfolios more than 50 destinations on five continents .

The country has shown at the Fair why it is a leading musical power and one of the trendiest tourist destinations in the world, which has proven during these days to be one of the most welcoming countries. Visitors who have arrived at the stand have enjoyed Rhythm Fest, a rhythm festival whose motto is “Visit Colombia Feel the rhythm”.

More than 1,400 people have entered the Colombian stand, 5,500 cups of coffee have been served, 13 dance shows from different regions of the country and 15 showcookings have been presented. In addition, 500 people have used the ‘photo booth’ and 700 people have enjoyed ‘face painting’.

Parallel to the fair, 39 Colombian SMEs participated in an academic agenda in Madrid to learn about the main trends in the international tourism market in order to be inspired and apply what they learned in order to boost their business. This activity was done in collaboration with the IMF Business School, in Spain.