Colombia: Trade Centers have 90% of Stores Closed

With the national strike, popular merchants and retailers, who make up 90% of the total, are practically bankrupt because, in the last two weeks, the level of influx of buyers has dropped by almost 100%.

Only 8% of the companies in Bogota work with 100% of their capacity

Yansen Estupinan, manager of the Gran San Shopping Center, in Bogota, said that in this center there have been attacks on one of the financial institutions. In addition, these circumstances mean a decrease in sales, which in his words affect the families that depend on this activity, since, for many of them, “being in front of a sewing machine is sometimes the only thing they know how to do. ”.

On the other hand, he specified that some shopping centers that have close to 90% of the premises closed. The figure, without a doubt, is consistent with the scenario presented by the shopping center he runs, in which vacancies are increasing.

In this sense, 85% of the Gran San shopping center is on lease, which translates into a major problem, since almost all of them have had problems with rental fees. On this point, Estupiñan explained that some stores are only paying about 25% of what they paid before the crisis.

“There are places that paid close to $ 5 million, now they only pay $ 1.2 million,” he said. However, measures such as the 35% capacity, the peak and cedula, and the restriction on mobility have affected its cash flow.

He concluded with a call to the authorities to use the constitutional tools they have, and reiterated that the mobilizations in peace are to “make known the disagreements of others without affecting the integrity of others. We have not received a single aid from the Government, but we are not going to cover the roads “.