Companies Announced Financial Results this Week

Standard & Poor’s 1/5 companies announced financial results this week

This week continues for the U.S. corporate earnings season. It is expected that 1/5 of the U.S. stock S & P 500 Index (S & P 500 Index) listed companies will announce their financial reports; affected by the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic, the U.S. companies ’first quarter earnings report The performance is expected to be generally worse than the same period last year, but this does not mean that the financial report figures can flip the stock price, because this time the external concern may not be the number itself, but the company’s outlook in the financial report.

Companies that will report earnings this week include Coca-Cola, Intel, Lockheed Martin, Netflix, Verizon, etc .; financial data agency Rufut ( Refinitiv) data shows that the market estimates that the average profit of S & P 500 companies in the first quarter will fall by 12.8% from the same period last year, and may fall by 13.6% throughout the year, but it is expected to rebound by 22.8% in 2021.

But what the market wants to see is whether the company can clearly explain to the market how deeply the epidemic has impacted the company and whether it has the ability to overcome the difficulties in the next few months. The outside world said that when the US restarts its economy, companies will be able to re-operate completely and re-employ those who lost their jobs due to the epidemic.

Although the S & P 500 index has rebounded by more than 25% since the March low, it also gives experts a warning, which means that if the “word” of corporate earnings is not good, investors are more likely to sell their shares and cause sales. Pressure.