Conflicting Messages About its Economic Policies Toward China

The Biden administration continues to deliver conflicting messages about its economic policies toward China. While a White House spokeswoman said the new administration’s policy would “start a patient stance” towards the communist regime in Beijing and consider returning to the US stock market Chinese-controlled companies, Gina Raymondo, Biden’s candidate for the post of trade minister, are making harsh voices.

During her Senate hearing, she said she would pursue “aggressive” policies toward China to protect the interests of U.S. citizens. “We need to invest in innovation and technology in the manufacturing sector and take aggressive steps in enforcing trade practices to combat unfair trade from China.

Raymondo, who in fact adopts broad sections of Trump’s policy toward China, noted that “China is uncompetitive, throwing cheap steel and aluminum into the American market and hurting American workers and our companies’ ability to compete with them. I intend to be very aggressive in helping Americans deal with unfair practices. China”.

The designated trade minister also addressed the use of economic tools in the war on blatant human rights violations in China. She says China is engaging in “horrific violations” of human rights. She clarified: “I believe in free but fair trade. I will do my best to ensure that.”