Coronavirus is Found in Beef Packaging Shipped from Brazil to China

The city of Wuhan, in China, epicenter of the coronavirus, announced on Friday (13) that SARS-CoV-2 was found in beef packages imported from Brazil. The products are from the Marfrig Global Foods brand, originated from the Varzea Grande unit, in Mato Grosso, according to the registration code.

The information was released by the Municipal Health Commission of the Asian country, stating that three positive samples were detected on the outside of the packaging. The meat entered China through the east coast of the country, through the Port of Qingdao, arriving on August 17 in Wuhan, but it would not have reached the market. The commission also revealed that security measures were adopted in the place where the meat was, with isolation and disinfection.

The Ministry of Agriculture has revealed that it has not yet been notified by health authorities in the Asian country. In addition to this case, in October, the Chinese government also said that the presence of coronavirus was detected in a cargo of beef also from the company Minerva Foods, which ended up being suspended for a week.

China says it found coronavirus in chicken imported from Brazil

In August, the city hall of the city of Shenzen, also in China, said it found SARS-CoV-2 in chicken packages sent from Brazil by the company Aurora, from Santa Catarina. The news resulted in the voluntary suspension of exports to investigate what happened, and remains so today. A month later, in September, the same happened with the Brazilian company Monteiro Indústria de Pescados, with the coronavirus being found in the packaging of one of the cargoes.

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