Coronavirus variant in the UK The World Health Agency Intensifies Reports

WHO has announced that the new variant of Covid that has emerged in Great Britain is currently already widespread also in the Netherlands, Denmark and Australia. This was stated by the director of the health agency Maria Van Kerkhove during an interview with the BBC, in which she also stated: “The more the virus spreads, the more chance it has of mutating.” The WHO then made it known that it is in continuous and close contact with Great Britain.

The UN agency shares information with other member states to warn them of possible new health threats that could arrive in January. Meanwhile, Holland and Belgium have suspended all passenger flights from the United Kingdom.

WHO: “Covid variant in Great Britain”
The WHO (World Health Organization) declares to be in close contact with the health and political authorities of Great Britain after the discovery of a new covid variant. This possible evolution of the viral strain, in fact, would have greater transmissibility. It is quantified as about 70% of the “normal” strain.

The UN agency closely monitors internal developments and is sharing all relevant updates with other member states. “As we learn about the characteristics of this variant (of the virus) and its implications.” In fact, the WHO writes in an official tweet.

Holland is afraid
Meanwhile, the Dutch government for fear of possible outbreaks already in January, has decided to suspend all flights from the United Kingdom until January 1. In the Netherlands, in fact, there was a first case of infection with the new British variant of the virus at the beginning of December.

Now the Dutch Ministry of Health recommends that “Any introduction of this variant of the virus be limited as much as possible by limiting and controlling the movement of passengers arriving from the UK”