Countries Re-Impose Mandatory Measures for Corona

Amid global fears of a new SK wave, many countries are obligating their citizens to wear the muzzle, while the United States is leading the number of deaths, followed by Brazil.

The Corona virus continues to spread in the world with the number of infected people rising to more than 15 million, including more than 8 million on the American continent alone, forcing many countries to impose new health measures. 627,307 people worldwide died due to Corona.

In the United States, the number of injuries exceeded 4 million, on Thursday, an increase of one million in just two weeks, as reported by Johns Hopkins University.

This increase in the number of casualties forced US President Donald Trump to cancel the “Republicans” conference that was scheduled in Florida at the end of August to formally announce his party’s candidate for the November presidential elections.

Nicholas Rich, of the University of Massachusetts, said epidemiological accounts at the national level indicate that he will peak in the next four weeks.

With more than 144,000 deaths, the United States ranked first with the absolute number of deaths, followed by Brazil and then Britain.

On just one day, yesterday, Thursday, more than 76,500 new cases were recorded with Covid-19 and 1,225 deaths, according to figures published by “Johns Hopkins”.

The rise in the number of injuries increased unemployment for the first time since the end of March in the country, which raised concerns on the Wall Street. More than 16 million Americans suffer from unemployment while 32 million receive temporary compensation.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, the number of infections has crossed the four million mark. In Brazil alone, the number of injuries reached more than 2.2 million. But this did not prevent HIV-positive Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro from wandering on a motorbike on Thursday, and chatting muzzlely with cleaners near his home in Brasilia, as shown in pictures published by the media.

Because of the spread of the epidemic, Bolivia announced that the general elections scheduled for next September 6 will be postponed until October 18. Thursday, the death toll was 315, the largest in a single day.

As for Ecuador, the situation is particularly bad, as the health system in Araquipa, the second city in the country, has reached its full potential.

Local media reported that 19-year-old sufferers slept under tents set up near hospitals, while others spent their nights in parked cars nearby in the hope of getting a bed and receiving treatment.

In Europe, the number of people officially infected with the disease reached 3 million, 7 thousand and 88 people, while the number of deaths reached 206 thousand and 714.

But two days after the 27 member states agreed to an unprecedented 750 billion euro recovery plan to counter the historic downturn caused by the emerging Corona virus, European Parliament members threatened to block the agreement on the 2021-2027 budget “if it is not improved.”

In Britain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that he “promises (…) not to allow the virus to curb the country.” But experts warn of a second wave of injuries, while the UK ranks first in the number of deaths (45,000) in Europe.

In France, the number of injuries continued to rise and recorded “more than a thousand” Thursday “and not less than ten hotbeds” of injuries, according to the General Directorate of Health.

In Australia, which has so far managed to contain the epidemic, in Victoria (South) and its capital, Melbourne, recorded 422 new infections Thursday. Melbourne residents have been kept under wraps since Thursday.

The same applies to Hong Kong and Austria, where muzzle restoration has become obligatory again in supermarkets, banks, and others.

In South Africa, a 60 percent rise in the number of deaths from natural causes in recent weeks suggests that the number of deaths by “Covid-19” is much greater than what official statistics indicate. Public schools will be closed again for one month.

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Amid global fears of a new SK wave, many countries are obligating their citizens to wear the muzzle, while the United States is leading the number of deaths, followed by Brazil.

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