Covid – 19 Cases And Vaccination Around The World

United Arab Emirates: Record number of daily infections This is the fourth day.

Nearly 2,000 Covid-19 cases have been detected in the country in the past day; India is preparing for a huge vaccination campaign against the corona; France: Dismissed for violating regulations, 1,200 people fined; Recommendation to tighten restrictions in Thailand.

Authorities in the UAE said another record number of people infected in the country had been broken in the past day. In the past day, 1,963 new infections have been diagnosed in the Emirates, where the death toll from the outbreak stands at 674. In the previous three days, day after day, records were broken in the numbers of those infected.

France: The party was held in violation of regulations, 1,200 people were fined

The illegal party near the town of Rennes in western France (see early report) was dispersed by local police. This was stated by French Interior Minister Gerald Dermanin, who added that a criminal investigation had been opened to locate the organizers of the party, which was attended by at least 2,500 people and was conducted in violation of the country’s corona restrictions – which even imposed a night curfew. Dermanin noted that 1,200 people were fined for violating curfew regulations, not wearing a mask and illegally gathering. He further said that amplification equipment and generators that were at the scene were confiscated. Foreigners from the UK and Spain also attended the party, which began on Thursday and took place at the warehouse.

Recommendation to tighten restrictions in Thailand

Health authorities in Thailand recommend tightening restrictions on business activity and human movement in 28 provinces, including the capital Bangkok. This is due to an increase in corona cases in the country. The measures include suspending the activities of certain businesses and activities in crowded places, as well as recommending people to work from home and avoid unnecessary travel.

More than 2.5 million patients in the UK

Britain crossed the 2.5 million corona case mark in its territory yesterday. Nearly 75,000 people have died so far from the disease. However, the data relate to people who have died after within 28 days of being found to be positive for the virus, so the death toll may be even higher.

India prepares for a huge vaccination campaign

India is preparing to vaccinate its residents against Corona, in what is expected to be one of the largest operations in the world in this field. This is after the government yesterday approved the use of an Astraznica vaccine. Vaccinations are expected to begin next week, as soon as the National Medicines Control Authority approves it as well.

In India, 10.2 million corona cases were recorded, the second highest in the world. The country intends to vaccinate 300 million of its 1.3 billion inhabitants by mid-2021.

Vietnam: First case of British mutation diagnosed

Authorities in Vietnam said a first case of the British mutation in the corona virus, which tends to spread more quickly, had been diagnosed. It was reported that this is a 44-year-old woman who returned to the Asian country from the UK and went into solitary confinement directly. Vietnam was soon able to control the outbreaks of the virus in the country. 1,474 people were diagnosed with the outbreak of the plague. 35 of them died from the complications of the virus. With the report, Vietnam became the 34th country where the mutation was discovered.

France: Hundreds of participants in an illegal party, clashes with police

About 2,500 people have come to a long party that has been taking place in a warehouse near the city of Rennes in western France since Thursday. French police said some of the perpetrators of the incident, which did not meet Corona restrictions, were citizens of Britain and Spain. As part of a police attempt to stop the party, passers-by confronted police officers, threw objects at them and set fire to a vehicle. One of the entertainers told the AFP news agency that “very few complied with the social distance guidelines at the event.” In France, where significant restrictions have been imposed including a night curfew ahead of New Year’s Eve, some spenders have reportedly said they hope to continue the party until Tuesday.

Germany: 336 Corona patients have died in the last day

In the last day, 336 corona patients have died in Germany, and the total number of deaths from the virus in the country since the outbreak of the plague is 33,960. The German authorities also said that in the last day, 12,690 new infections were diagnosed with the virus, which brings the total number of infections from the outbreak to more than one million and 750,000.

Germany, considered the most populous country in the European Union, closed its restaurants, pubs and gyms as early as November 2. These restrictions did not help its curb the virus, and as of December 16, the country is in quarantine, which is valid until January 10. Schools were also closed. This week, Germany reported a record deaths from the virus – 1,129 people.

South Korea: Restrictions on social distance in the capital Seoul will last at least another two weeks

South Korea has announced that it will extend the social alienation restrictions – including a ban on gatherings of more than four people – in the capital Seoul and surrounding areas, until January 17. This is to reduce the jump in morbidity that led to an increase in coronary heart disease mortality. The state reported 824 new infections in the past day compared to more than a thousand in the day before.

Authorities in Brazil have reported more than 24,000 verified corona patients diagnosed in the past day and 462 deaths from the virus. More than 195,000 people have died in the epidemic in the South American country and more than 7.7 million have been infected.

And in the vaccine segment: About two million vaccines against Corona, developed by Oxford University and Astraznica, will be ready for weekly delivery to the UK starting in the middle of the month, the British Times reported.


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