DAX Companies Want to Forego Business Trips Permanently

A survey shows: Germany‘s major corporations want to significantly reduce the number of business trips even after the end of the pandemic. This does not necessarily apply to medium-sized companies.

According to a “Handelsblatt” survey, the 30 DAX companies are planning to take significantly fewer business trips over the long term. One group wants to cut its travel activities by half in the future. All developments in the live ticker.

According to a survey by the “Handelsblatt”, the corona crisis is changing the travel activities of specialists and executives in Germany over the long term. The companies have not only reduced business trips to a minimum during the pandemic. You also plan with significantly fewer trips in the long term. This is the result of the “Handelsblatt” survey of the 30 Dax companies.

Bayer is particularly ambitious: the pharmaceutical and chemical company wants to reduce group-wide travel activities by half in future – compared to the level before the crisis. Deutsche Wohnen wants to reduce the number of business trips by at least 30 percent. The survey shows that video conferencing should become the standard in the business world and that it could save companies money.