“Only CHP’s Lider Could Take An Active Role In Middle East”


Hülya Karahan


Republican People’s Party (CHP) Deputy Chairmans Enis Berberoglu, Sezgin Tanrıkulu Secretary General Gursel Tekin, visited İstanbul districts as MP candidates of upcoming Turkish election Nov. 1. Candidates meet with citizens, have taken plenty of souvenir photo with craftsmen .

IMG_2066CHP candidates who visit the fish market, where met shopkeepers in Karaköy. Later also visited the AKP Party stands in Karaköy Square. Gursel Tekin told reporters,”in any period in the history of three thousand years nobody destroyed İstanbul as much as AKP destroyed” He said.
Gürsel tekin “The voters are very stable. November 1 will be a serious political change in Turkey. A number of problems to be solved during the CHP in power in the country. People are not afraid, not talk of corruption, we promised Turkey the absence of a ban. “He said.

Answering to a question on if they make Polls or not. Tekin, “I have visited 21 citys in the last 1 month have not seen such a situation in the field. Whom of the pollsters are asking ? Of course, we have respect survey firms. Objective independent polling organizations. There are only 2-3 public poll company which not being feed by ruling party.

Polling organizations all not independent because they work with ministries, ” Some TV channels said that banditry removal from satellite” Tekin, “There are even rules of banditry system. The bandits do not touch the prayers of the enemy. Don’t touch way with children and spouses. This is another system beyond the banditry,” he said.
IMG_1973Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu on October 30 that responds to a question about the signing of the decree on holiday single, “The voters of CHP voters and opposition parties so politicized, that Turkish voters as conscious for the first time, we could not catch any of the 90 per cent so far . 90 percent will go to the polls will be slapped on them all the circulars, “he said.
Turkish politics has never been so discussed as dirty so. CHP Secretary-General Gürsel Tekin, “17 to 25 December will not forget each seven universe come together on. The absolute and utter account should be asked. Otherwise, we can not live on Turkish politics. Politics transparent for our , accountable I need to be, “he said.

Replying to a question on the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad flew into Moscow on Tuesday for a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Tekin , “Is this a sustainable policy? 8 million victims. This is absolutely global world needs to come together and achieve peace . You have to be pioneering force in Turkey. But Unfortunately, the creators of this problem is impossible to solve this problem. It may be with the CHP, “he said.

IMG_1980CHP Deputy Chairman Enis Berberoğlu, also answered the question “The rulers of Turkey, would have the opportunity to meet with the Middle East’s main actors? For example, the country’s prime minister can go to Tehran? Can go to Baghdad, Can he go to Egypt? Can go to Damascus?

These questions are all the response is negative. Only Opposition leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu can go to this places and can take an active role in Middle East.

Not only the largest countrys in the region but also Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu could  take the shuttle diplomacy with other countries. Impatiently on November 1, I expect that, in his capacity as Prime Minister on November 2, Syrian issue is not just Turkey’s problem, a special issue of the region, “he said.