Digital Mirrors The New ES of Lexus

Provide surrounding confirmation support according to driving situation, reduce wind noise.

Toyota announced on September 12, 2018 that it will adopt the world’s first mass-produced car for the Lexus new model ES for the Japanese market (based on the company’s survey) Digital Outer Mirror.

The digital outer mirror to be installed this time displays the image of the rear left and right of the vehicle photographed with the camera installed outside the front door of the vehicle on the 5 inch display installed in the front pillar section. By making the camera part shape resistant to raindrops and mounting the display inside the room, excellent visibility which is not easily affected by the weather was secured.

In addition to the function of automatically enlarging the display area in conjunction with the blinker and reverse operation, it is also possible to expand the display area arbitrarily by driver operation. Provide surrounding confirmation support according to driving situation. By replacing the conventional mirror with a compact camera, it is possible to expand the field of view diagonally forward and realize high quietness by reducing wind noise.

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