Disney+, Netflix & Amazon All the New Movies and Series of the Week

With more than 38 new releases, the streaming services Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ have announced a large number of films and series for this week. The highlights: The Umbrella Academy, Man vs Bee and The Man from Toronto. In this overview you will find all dates.
In terms of well-known new releases, Netflix in particular has the edge in the week of June 20-26, 2022. The third season of The Umbrella Academy starts here on Wednesday, followed by the comedies and action comedies Man vs Bee with Mr. Bean actor Rowan Atkinson, The Man from Toronto with Kevin Hart, Woody Harrelson and Kaley Cuoco as well as The Gentlemen Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Grant and Colin Farrell. Finally, the streaming service is taping the ninth season of The Blacklist and showing the Korean edition of Money Heist.

Amazon Prime Video, on the other hand, is streaming the first season of the new reality dating show The One That Got Away and the BBC thriller series Chloe with Erin Doherty (including The Crown). Also new are the tragic comedy Kajillionaire with Evan Rachel Wood (Westworld, among others) and Kill The Boss 2 with Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis. Following the premieres of How I Met Your Father and Ms. Marvel, Disney+ is keeping a low profile this week, focusing on classics like The Jury, The Web of Lies and Lucky Kisses from the ’90s and early 2000s.