Distance Working Becomes Permanent for 35 Thousand Office Workers of Koç Holding

Turkey’s leading investment holding company Koç Group CEO announced that the “distance  working” model, which has been rapidly adopted in the community due to the Covid-19 pandemic, will be made permanent for 35 thousand office workers for the Koç Group. Çakıroğlu said, “We are not afraid of change, we are confident in ourselves,” Çakıroğlu, adding that they train ‘agile coaches’ within the scope of the ‘agile management model’ implemented in the community, and that they are planning to establish an “Agile Academy” in cooperation with Harvard Business School.

Koç Holding 34th Senior Executives Meeting (ÜDYT) was held in the last week of December and the speeches within the scope of the program were published in Koç Holding’s corporate magazine, News From Us. Speaking at the opening of the ÜDYT, which was made with significant online participation due to the pandemic and broadcast live at the Rahmi Koç Museum, Koç Holding Corporate Communications and Foreign Relations Director Oya Ünlü Kızıl emphasized that 2020 was a very difficult year for the whole world, and said: We saw that social issues were growing like an avalanche. At the beginning of the process, in the days when the uncertainty was the highest, we said ‘we will get better’. We sincerely believed that we would heal, and with this belief, we worked hard together to heal. Pointing out that “both humanity and our planet are at a turning point”, Oya Ünlü Kızıl underlined that preventing new crises and a sustainable recovery can only be possible by eliminating existing fragilities. “We will heal by making better decisions for a better future, by reconsidering all our decisions and preferences, without leaving anyone behind, without giving up the other issue,” said Kızıl.


Turkey’s Leader, Global Player
Koç Holding, with its almost 100-year journey since 1926, has differentiated itself from competitors by achieving numerous breakthroughs in Turkey, from industrialization to globalization, playing key roles with its leading positions. The Koç Group established Turkey’s first joint stock company, created the Republic’s first industrial endeavor and first international partnership and realized the first public offering.

Koç Holding is Turkey’s leading investment holding company and Koç Group is Turkey’s largest industrial and services group in terms of revenues, exports, number of employees, taxes paid and market capitalization on Borsa Istanbul. The Group has been a driving force of the Turkish economy with total sales that correspond 8% of Turkey’s GDP and exports that comprise 9% of Turkey’s total exports.

Following 26% CAGR in consolidated operating profit in the last five years, Koç Holding is the only Turkish company in Fortune Global 500. Koç Holding has leading positions with strong competitive advantages in energy, automotive, consumer durables and finance sectors, which offer strong long-term growth potential.

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