DNP joins Winbond, Develops Large-Capacity of eSIM

Dainippon Printing (DNP) released a press release on the 28th, announcing that it will work with Taiwan’s Winbond to develop an eSIM and Secure Element that can increase the IoT security level and carry large-capacity memory.

DNP pointed out that the company is a SIM card supplier and is developing a “safety element” for the safety of IoT machines by developing IC technology and safety technology developed by IC card business. By utilizing the above technology, the development of a large-capacity memory version of eSIM and security components was initiated by using a secure MCU equipped with Winbond’s large-capacity secure flash memory.

DNP said that the current eSIM and security components have a memory capacity of up to 1MB, and the product developed this time will be equipped with 4MB of large-capacity memory, which will store more profiles.


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