Doctors Told “Why You Need to Hug More Often

Hugs are necessary and natural almost as much as breathing – not just for people, but for many animals.

Scientists have established the fact that embraces contribute to an increase in immunity, normalization of the nervous, endocrine and vascular systems, a decrease in stress and tension, and even an increase in hemoglobin.

Hugs will quickly raise your spirits and tone up your morale.

Scientists from Carnegie Mellon University came to this conclusion after studying the effect of hugs on the general condition of a person.

404 men and women aged from 18 to 55 took part in the scientific survey. They should share their experiences and conflicts, as well as the consequences that were behind it.

After analyzing the data, psychologists came to the conclusion that there is a direct connection between the “embraces” and negative emotions.

And this is not surprising, because a close tactile connection with a person can radically change our state.

It is noted that the effect of warm hugs may persist the next day.