Dolfie Foresees Online Sales Growth of Close to 20% this Year

The premium sustainable fashion brand Dolfie foresees online sales growth of close to 20% this year the demand  for comfortable and quality footwear. The firm has explained that, despite the drop in sales in physical stores, the rise of new healthy habits such as walking and the search for healthy footwear, but with design, has driven this growth, which is expected to increase.

And it is that there is no doubt that walking is fashionable and the streets of the country have been full of citizens with increasingly innovative masks and shoes. This trend has led to the rise of brands such as Dolfie, which has been offering premium category shoes for 14 years, notable for their sustainability, comfort and for suggesting an innovative and attractive design every season. In addition, this Spanish company, since its foundation in 2007, has established the pillars of sustainable footwear with the aim of leaving the minimum footprint on the environment and inspiring and motivating people to live in harmony with their fellow human beings and with nature.

According to market studies, since the Covid-19 crisis jumped in March 2020, sales of dress shoes have fallen by 60 percent while sports shoes have increased by 70 percent. This last category would also include sneakers and shoes from brands such as Dolfie based on the comfort of the foot with proposals for highly durable footwear designed precisely “to walk and kick the streets”.

“The pandemic has had decisive consequences for the population in terms of changing habits and has helped us to reflect and gain a certain perspective towards a policy where the concept of comfort gains great importance,” said the co-founder and creative director of Dolfie, Bárbara of Assís. “These reflections have resulted in the prominence acquired by ‘casual wear’, where the important thing is to be comfortable from head to toe and it is here where Dolfie has acquired a predominant role”, said Assís.

In this way, the firm’s latest spring / summer collection, ‘Sunrise SS21’ confirms these fundamentals, drawing inspiration, this time from sunrise, “there is always hope, the sun has to keep rising, but that depends on everyone let us be more and more aware of our lifestyle and consumption, “says Lendoyro.

Under a differential factor of fashion, key to the success of the firm and which once again establishes the concept of slow fashion, Dolfie presents pieces made by hand with recycled and sustainable materials. They stand out shoes and boots made by hand with the use made of ecological leather tanned in a vegetable way and without chemical products to reduce the environmental impact, through a natural process free of toxins and chemicals made with organic substances present in trees and plants.

Another fabric used in the latest collection of the Malaga brand is fiber based on organic remains, which are mainly present in sandals made from innovative materials such as neoprene and nylon, both recycled and ecological leathers. Sandals designed for long summer walks, with a suggestive color range and aerodynamic design, stand as one of the brand’s great bets for the spring and summer season.

Likewise, and as in previous collections, Dolfie uses various types of recycled and transformed materials and is once again committed to sustainable hemp and organic cotton to make footwear, as these fabrics are respectful with the environment.

Within the trend known as Slow Fashion or sustainable fashion, in Dolfie, with a seven-year-old ecommerce, they foresee in addition to online growth other important actions in their medium / long-term plans such as the expansion of markets, once again being present in multi-brand physical stores in different European countries, such as France and Italy.

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