Dollar to New Lows on Euro and Yen

A decidedly subdued dollar, in a market that is betting on important expansionary measures by the Federal Reserve, from which until recently not long ago new tightening on the cost of money was foreseen.

The greenback index on the main counterparties weighted on a commercial basis travels to the lows of the last three months as well as the cross against the euro, while the dollar / yen exchange rate is indicated to the negative record for six months now.

In response to growing tensions between the US and Iran, after the latest sanctions by the White House and Tehran’s response that talks about the closure of the diplomatic channel, traditional refuge currencies such as the franc and the yen were very well pitched.

A number of Fed representatives were expected this day, including that of President Jerome Powell.

Donald Trump returned yesterday to criticize the central bank’s latest moves, criticizing them for not intervening with an easing of monetary policy.