Donald Trump’s Tax Returns Against his will

The New York State Senate passed a bill allowing the local tax authority to publish part of Donald Trump’s tax returns against his will.

The bill still needs to be passed by the House of Representatives and then passed to state governor Andrew Como, who has the power to publish it into law.

With the Democrats dominating the state’s legislature, the bill’s approval is certain, and Como, also a Democrat, has openly declared his support for the text.

The bill, proposed by Democratic Senator Brad Howelman, allows the New York State Tax Service to provide three federal congressional committees in Washington with the tax returns it received from the Republican billionaire.

In the United States, the taxpayer must provide, in most states, three different tax returns, one federal, the other addressed to the state in which he resides and the third to the tax service in his city.

On Monday, the US Treasury Department refused to hand the president’s federal tax returns to Congress on the grounds that he was “unauthorized” to do so in a new round of tension between the Republican president and his Democratic rivals who control the House of Representatives.

On Tuesday, The New York Times reported tax documents that Trump did not achieve any profits between 1985 and 1994, but on the contrary accumulated accumulated losses over that decade about 1.2 billion dollars.

The New York Times, the newspaper to which Trump draws a large chunk of his almost daily criticism of the press, showed that the financial situation of the property tycoon and its multidisciplinary companies during that decade was disastrous.

According to the investigation, Trump suffered huge financial losses at the time, so he did not have to pay any tax on profits in eight of those 10 years.

On Wednesday, Trump replied that the New York Times reported “false news”

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The New York State Senate passed a bill allowing the local tax authority to publish part of Donald Trump's tax returns against his will.

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