Due to Chip Shortage TSMC will Invest $ 100 Billion

Companies such as Volkswagen, Honda and General Motors were forced to reduce production as a result of the shortage caused by canceling orders in light of the sharp drop in demand during the Corona plague as a result of chip makers selling them to growing industries, and automakers now left without essential components.

In January, TSMC announced that it would prioritize chip manufacturing for the automotive industry, in an effort to alleviate the shortage. Due to strong global demand, the shortage has spread to a number of other sectors, including the electrical products sector. TSMC predicts strong and sustained growth, thanks in part to G5 technology and the acceleration of computing capabilities expected in the coming years, which will lead to an increase in demand for semiconductor technology.

The additional investment “will increase our ability to support the research and production of advanced semiconductor technologies,” the company said. The announcement of the investment comes several days after Intel announced it would invest $ 20 billion in expanding its output, including through the construction of two new plants in Arizona that would also produce chips for other consumers, not just Intel itself. TSMC announced last May that it intends to set up a new plant in Arizona with an investment of $ 12 billion.

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