Robot Cleans the Toilet Bowl in your Place

New technologies are increasingly useful in everyday life. They facilitate domestic tasks and save a lot of time.

There is now a robot that automatically cleans the toilet thanks to a system powered by a rechargeable battery. No need to get your hands dirty, he does all the dirty work for you.

It is an Israeli startup that is at the origin of this robot automatic toilet cleaner. It has been dubbed “Spinx” and is officially the first robot of its kind. Consumers may appreciate this new, practical and innovative invention. Spinx can clean the toilet bowl and toilet seat in just ninety seconds. It can eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria on the toilet. Its system is adaptable to almost 98% of existing toilet bowl models on the market and can support a maximum weight of 150 kg.
According to Hila Ben-Amram, co-founder and CEO of the company, the weight of the robot is around one hundred and fifty grams. Its installation is very easy, it just replaces the flap for WC. It’s a simple robot to install and use.
Spinx has a robotic arm that allows it to clean the toilet bowls once engaged. An intelligent sensor allows it to model the shape of the bowl to optimize the movement of the brush. Jets of water then clean the seat with quick drying with compressed air.
Its diet is simple, just put detergent or “Spinx tablets” in the appropriate housing. In addition, its system works with low power consumption. This robot allows you both to save time, save energy and facilitate your daily tasks.

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