“Ease at Home” Cosmetics Also Regular Delivery Period

Regular shipping services are emerging as a busy new shopping trend in modern people.

It is a method to receive products at home comfortably because it regularly ships the product on the desired date after leaving the order every time through internet or home shopping.

According to the industry, domestic cosmetics companies are spurring new market development through regular delivery service. Regular shipping services, starting with daily necessities such as toilet paper and bottled water, will expand the area to cosmetics.

MimiBox, GlossyBox, etc., have been recently launched in large domestic companies. The goal is to meet the needs of consumers who are looking for speed and simplicity.

AMOREPACIFIC has launched ‘4 Step Mask Plan’ products, which are tailored to the skin cycle through ‘Steady’, a mask pack regular delivery brand, since November. If you choose the desired function such as moisturizing, nourishing, whitening, etc., it provides a service to send mask packs regularly. Depending on the step, it can be made of different sheets and ingredients to check the change of the skin, and you can specify the desired product, cycle, and day of the week when you apply.

LG Household & Health Care launched its grooming box, which consisted of men’s cosmetics, in cooperation with Stravins last August. The company plans to differentiate it from men’s cosmetics in the regular delivery service market that started with women’s cosmetics. Men’s cosmetics brand Zentolloji products are offered at lower prices than retail prices, and products such as on-the-shelf and perry products are also included.

Aekyung Industries conducts periodic delivery service through ‘eco-friendly’ skin care brand ‘Flow’. It is a new concept skin care brand that proposes cosmetics suitable for different skin based on online curation service. From brand planning to product development, a professional editor of cosmetics participated and got expert know-how.

Monthly cosmetics is a cosmetics regular delivery service tailored to individual skin. We also offer personalized cosmetics made from natural ingredients and functional ingredients. We also showcased custom shampoos to choose individual scalp type, hair type, hair thickness, hair distress, and natural incense. In particular, the ultra-fresh line is a product within 1 week ~ 1 month of manufacture and is popular because it delivers freshness to skin.

In 2010, Birchbox introduced cosmetic regular delivery service for the first time overseas. It has exceeded one million users within six years of delivering five or six kinds of cosmetics samples at a price of $ 10 per month.

Regular shipping services that do not select specific products are one step further away from home shopping, offline shopping, and online and mobile shopping, both of which had limited space and time.

These regular delivery services will help the cosmetics industry to develop customized cosmetics and Big Data. Consumers can buy cosmetics at relatively low cost, and cosmetics companies can earn regular customers, which is a win-win strategy.

One consumer commented, “After using regular delivery service, suddenly cosmetics have fallen and care has not been paid for cosmetics shelf life,” he said. “There is no hassle to pay each month, “He said.

An industry observer said, “Regular delivery service is an alternative to those who are worried about what product to choose in the flood of cosmetics.” “The service we started at start-up, I said.