ECHR Finds Turkey Guilty of Violating Freedom Of Speech!

9737-nedim-ve-ahmet-ten-mektup-varThe European Court of Human Rights (EHCR) on July 8 found Turkey guilty of violating freedom of speech and the right to a free trial in the prosecution of journalists Ahmet Şık and Nedim Şener, who were jailed as part of the controversial OdaTV case.

Both Şık and Şener spent more than a year in prison while awaiting trial before the publication of Şık’s book, titled “The Imam’s Army,” which focused on the organization of U.S.-based Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen’s followers within the police and the judiciary.

Their long detentions had sparked global outcry and many campaigns were launched by international rights groups for their release. They were eventually freed on March 12, 2012.

In two separate ECHR rulings for both Şık and Şener, Turkey was found guilty of violating Article 5-3 of the European Convention of Human Rights on the “length and reasonableness of pre-trial,” Article 5-4 on “procedural guarantees of review,” and Article 10 on “freedom of expression.”

The Strasbourg-based court also fined Turkey to pay 10,000 euros in compensation to Şık and 20,000 euros to Şener.



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