Electric Car Volkswagen ID.4 Official

Volkswagen‘s second car in the ID series is official. Second out is El-suven ID.4 which is the big brother of ID.3.

Volkswagen will launch more electric cars in the future. In their ID series, it is the number that determines the size of the car. ID.3 is in the Golf’s size class and now comes ID.4 which is a larger model. In the future, we will probably also see smaller electric cars in the form of ID.1 and ID.2.

Volkswagen ID.4 is based on the MEB platform, just like ID.3. The car is rear-wheel drive where the electric motor delivers 204 horsepower and 310 Newton meters. 0–100 km / h is not as extreme as, for example, Tesla. It takes 8.5 seconds from 0-100 km / h. The top speed is 160 km / h.

The battery in ID.4 is 77 kWh, which means that you get a range of 520 kilometers.

Since ID.4 is a larger car than ID.3, the luggage compartment becomes more spacious. ID.4 can load 543 liters in the luggage. If you fold down the rear seats, it instead holds a full 1,575 liters.

Many have complained that ID.3 is not offered with a towbar. But ID.4 is available with a towbar where the maximum towing weight is 1,000 kg.

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