Elon Musk Denies Demanding to be Apple CEO

Tesla‘s techno-maker decided to slam Apple this weekend over the commission it charges developers. In addition, a new book on Tesla claims that Musk demanded the CEOs of Apple in exchange for the acquisition of his company.

What if Elon Musk was Apple‘s CEO? According to a report published in recent days, this was the demand of the founder of Tesla and SpaceX if the giant from Cupertino would buy his company – which did not happen because Tim Cook did not want to meet Musk at all when it wanted to offer the purchase. In addition to denying the report, Musk went on the offensive on one of the hottest topics in the tech world today – the fight over the fees charged by Apple and Google.

“Appstore is actually a tax on the Internet”
In what feels like a year’s delay to the party, Elon Musk has decided to attack Apple this weekend and the commission it derives from developers who upload apps to its store. About a year ago, the race against Apple in this sector opened, with quite a few developers coming out against it – when the peak came about two months ago, then the trial of Epic Games against the giant from Cupertino began around the app store commissions.

“Appstore commissions are in fact a global tax on the Internet. Epic is right, ”Musk wrote, re-awakening all the demons surrounding the commission – which for the vast majority of developers has recently been cut from 30% to 15%. However, large developers see almost a third of their revenue go into another company’s pocket.

Whoever enjoys Musk‘s support is Tim Sweeney, CEO of Bus Games and one of the leaders of the Coalition for App Fairness, which is actually a nice name for a coalition of app developers against Apple. “Apple’s commission is far more destructive than people realize,” Sweeney tweeted. He explained that although Apple claims the commission is “valid only for digital products that can be accessed via iOS” – in practice in the future all products will be digital which will allow Apple to be the gatekeeper of the global economy, he said. He ended the tweet with the sentence: “Apple must be stopped.”

Apple, so far, has chosen not to respond to Musk’s combined attack – which has not been a party to the conflict so far – and Sweeney over the weekend over their app store and the commission it takes from developers.

And that, as mentioned, is not the end of Musk and Dark News this weekend. The Wall Street Journal journalist Tim Higgins has published a new book called “A Powerful Move: Tesla, Elon Musk and the Bet of the Century,” in which he claims that in a 2016 conversation between Musk and Tim Cook – in which the two discussed a bid to buy Tesla on By Apple – Demanded the ambitious entrepreneur to lead Apple.

According to the book, in the days before the introduction of Tesla’s Model 3, when the company was in a bad financial situation, Musk expressed interest in selling the company to Apple but said: “I am the CEO.” Cook agreed, noting that with the acquisition of the audio brand Beats, the founders Dr. Dre and Jimmy Eubin remained in office – and then Musk stressed that he was talking about the entire Apple CEO. According to the book, Cook did not like it. According to Higgins’ book, Cook hung up – not before telling Musk to “go for it.”

Musk denied the quotes from Higgins’ book and wrote in response: “Tim Cook and I have never talked or corresponded.” He goes on to point out the story he told in the past that when Tesla was much smaller, and worth about 6% of what it is worth today, he asked to meet with Tim Cook about a possible purchase – but it refused to meet him at all. Musk added in another sarcastic tweet that “Higgins managed to write a book