Elon Musk: “I Sell Almost All of My Property I won’t Have a Home ”

The head of Tesla, Elon Musk, who was banned by the authorities from opening the factory due to quarantine, continues to create tantrums on his Twitter. If a couple of days ago he demanded “return freedom to the Americans”, now he announced that he decided to sell all his property, including real estate. In addition, Musk announced that the price of Tesla shares was “too high”, which led to their fall on the stock exchange. Many subscribers of a billionaire seriously think that he needs psychological help.

Billionaire Ilon Musk continues a series of eccentric publications on his Twitter account, apparently caused by the extension of quarantine measures in the United States in connection with the coronavirus.

It’s no secret that the head of Tesla reacted extremely negatively to the news that the company’s factory in California Fremont would remain closed at least until the end of May, since the production of electric vehicles Mask did not fall into the category of “vital” business. This led to the fact that the businessman called the introduced measures of self-isolation “fascism” and publicly demanded “return freedom to the Americans.”

However, the hysteria Mask did not end there.

“I sell almost all of my property. I won’t have a home, ”the billionaire suddenly said on Twitter.

In a continuation of the tweet, the businessman noted that his girlfriend, singer Grimes, was “angry with him” because of this. When one user expressed joy that Musk and Grimes were still together, despite rumors in the press, the head of Tesla said that their common child should be born next Monday. This is the first time that Elon Musk has personally confirmed the pregnancy of his girlfriend.

One of the subscribers of the Mask asked what caused his sudden decision to sell all the property.

“Do you need cash or is it a protest against the world on fire?” – asked @kulpability.

“I don’t need cash. And I dedicate myself to Mars and the Earth. Property only pulls you back, ”the billionaire replied.

Musk also tweeted that Tesla’s stock price is “too high in my opinion.” This led to the fact that the company’s shares fell by 12%.

Just the day before, Tesla reported financial results for the first quarter, which turned out to be better than predicted. Shares of the company were trading at $ 760.23 before the Mask tweet made them fall to $ 717.64.

Musk had previously had problems with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which had ensured that

All billionaire tweets related to Tesla’s financial situation must be approved by a lawyer on the eve of publication.

This happened after the infamous Mask message in August 2018, when he announced plans to make Tesla a private company. It’s unclear if Musk consulted anyone before posting a stock price tweet. At the time of writing, SEC did not comment on this issue.

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