Elon Musk Resurfaced with a Photo on Twitter in Presence of Pope Francis and his Children

The boss of Tesla had not posted anything for about ten days, a rare occurrence.

He hadn’t posted anything on Twitter for almost two weeks – an eternity for the boss of Tesla, known to be particularly prolific on the microblogging platform. Elon Musk therefore resurfaced with a photo where we see him in the presence of Pope Francis, and four of his children. A meeting that would have taken place during the week and of which he says he is “honored”. However, no details have been released regarding the content of their exchange in Rome.

This photo was posted among other tweets, unrelated to each other. We can see on one of them a photo of the video game character Sonic, another has a snapshot of an evening in Venice, and on a last Elon Musk writes: “Maybe… That I… M ‘bored ?

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