Emma Stone’s Spanic Disorder at the Age of 7

Oscar actress Emma Stone transplanted past episodes about the anxiety disorders that he had in his childhood.

Emma Stone of the drama “Maniac” took part in a panel session “Great Minds Think Unalike” to live with anxiety disorder, talking about the serious anxiety disorder that had been held in the lower grades of elementary school.

So Emma confessed the episode when he was seven years old for the first time in a panic disorder.

I experienced my first panic attack before I was in the second grade of elementary school. It was truly terrifying and I did not know what to do. I was suddenly convinced that my house would burn and burnt and die when I was at my friend ‘s house. I was actually sitting on my friend’s bed, and of course the house was not burning, but I did not feel like I would not die. ”

Emma who spent two years with such feelings was diagnosed with anxiety disorder, especially borderline phobia, especially from 8 years old to 10 years old.

“Emma and mother can not leave home because Emma and mothers said that” I could not go to my friend ‘s house, I was afraid of leaving my mother, I was really thinking, I felt that I would go to college or do something like that, even though I could not stay at my friend’s house for 5 minutes. “I looked back on my own anxiety disorder that was serious.

Still, as a result of family support and therapy, the symptoms of Emma have improved, and it became possible to control my emotions as it grew older. .

“Everyone has various uneasiness and worries about life, perhaps there may be a different trial or a painful time, but that is not your fault”, there is anxiety disorder Emma told that he was able to think that he was also normal was a big step to take things positively.

Emma described such a positive aspect of anxiety disorder as being “a wonderful person who is too sensitive and that he is a sensitive person who reads things deeply, is the best life gift that makes you a wonderful person” Finally, a person with anxiety disorder proudly said, “I think well, it is rich in sensitivity, it is the best.”