Emmanuel Macron Wants to Mediate with Joe Biden to Settle Disputes Between Airbus and Boeing

The American “CNBC” television reported on Wednesday that French President Emmanuel Macron had proposed to his American counterpart, Joe Biden, to mediate a settlement of the long-standing trade dispute between Boeing and Airbus, according to a media report published on Wednesday.

Macron raised the idea in a phone call to Biden on January 24, according to the channel, citing a source familiar with the call. The television indicated that Biden will follow up the matter with his French counterpart, without making a commitment on the results.

The two official statements issued by the French and American governments regarding the communication issue of the dispute between the two aerospace companies did not mention.

“We look forward to working with our European allies to find a solution on equal opportunity once Ambassador (Catherine) Tye” is confirmed in her new position at the head of the office from the Senate.

A dispute has raged between the European Union and the United States since 2004 over allegations of unfair trade practices, and the two parties accuse each other of providing support to the two private companies in violation of international trade agreements.

The two sides won lawsuits before the World Trade Organization allowing punitive duties.

In December, the Office of the United States Trade Representative announced the imposition of new duties on aircraft parts, wine, cognac and brandy imported from France and Germany, to be added to a long list of products from European Union member states subject to duties of 25 percent since 2019.

The European Commission said in its response to the move that it “regrets the United States ‘choice to add other products to its retaliatory list against the background of Airbus’ case in the World Trade Organization regarding (government) support to the aircraft industry.”

After a decision by the World Trade Organization in October, the European Union imposed new duties on $ 4 billion in US exports in November, including Boeing planes and agricultural items such as wheat and tobacco, in addition to wine and chocolate.

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