Erdoğan Addressed to Europe, “Shame, They Will Bring Gas Chambers, Gathering Camps Again”

Hülya Karahan

Turkish President Erdoğan reiterated the “Nazi” qualification, which had previously caused German Prime Minister Merkel’s reaction. Erdoğan addressed to Europe, “Shame, they will bring gas chambers, gathering camps again,” he said.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan criticized Germany for the Nevruz celebrations in Frankfurt in a speech he made at the General Assembly of Science Foundation.
Erdoğan said, “Our ministers go to Europe are not being talked, but the PKK is allowed to rally.” “Western in Turkish headlines support ‘No’ campaigns and they rent their biggest saloons to them.”
More than 30 thousants people attended Nevruz celebrations in Frankfurt, according to the information the police gave on Saturday.

PKK symbols, as well as posters of Abdullah Öcalan were opened during the rally, and the necessary legal steps were taken regarding the PKK leader Öcalan’s flag with other banners or other banned icons.

Erdoğan said: “Shame will bring gas chambers, gathering camps back to the agenda, but for the moment they do not dare.

Can we forget Srebrenitsa? Can we forget about those who killed 834 thousand Bosnian slaves in Srebrenica and martyrs?


They are disturbed by the fact that they are fascists, they are disturbed by this Nazi understanding, and immediately their partners in Europe are holding them up, especially Merkel, who also owns it. Turkish brothers or my sisters who go there, deputies brothers, “he spoke.
Relations between Germany and Turkey have been strained in the past due to the cancellation of Turkish politicians’ referendum campaign  in Germany and President Erdoğan’s “Nazi practices” afterwards. German Prime Minister Merkel reacted to the Erdoğan’s Nazi analogy,  said  “These statements are unacceptable.”
Erdoğan also said that the Die Welt newspaper reporter Deniz Yücel, who was arrested in Turkey, was a “terrorist agent”.