PM Erdoğan Protest the Constitutional Court’s Decision

AP1201241921011-1280x960Turkey’s Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan made a formal complaint with the country’s constitutional court on Friday, calling secret recordings spread on social media a violation of his family’s rights.

Erdogan is challenging the court’s decision to lift a ban on Twitter and YouTube after the premier’s government blocked the social media sites on March 21 – during the lead-up to local elections – for not blocking secret audio recordings featuring him, family members, and figures of his inner circle allegedly dealing in corruption.

The Twitter block was lifted in early April after the constitutional court ruled that it violated freedom of expression in Turkey. Erdogan has aggressively opposed the decision, saying the judiciary is stocked with political critics. YouTube is still blocked in the country.

A senior official told that Erdoğan appealed to the constitutional court through his lawyer, to protest the court’s decision to lift the blockade. The prime minister is seeking 50,000 lira (US$23,500) in compensation.

Erdogan says the online posting of the recordings is a violation of his family’s privacy and freedom of communication, claiming that the material leaked on the sites is part of a “villainous” plot hatched by his political rivals. He has denied allegations of corruption and says some of the recordings were manipulated in an effort to attack his leadership.