Erdoğan: We will Bring the Death Penalty After the Referendum

Erdoğan said in his speech in Maras, “Now the target is to settle the votes of” yes “on April 16th and I believe in parliament after this that the issue of death penalty  will come into the agenda. I also believe that parliament will pass this. President Erdoğan attended the mass opening ceremony in Mufti Square in Turkish city Kahramanmaraş.

Erdoğan has given the speech,in Kahramanmaraş decleredthat after the referendum the death penalty will be in his agenda.

“We are on the verge of a new and historic decision. We are entering a new path in search of a management system that is rooted in its roots, but never ending in the Republican era. Now the government will be elected directly through the president elected nation. The patriarchal power of the guardianship, which circulates like a black cloud over the transition of the national will, is completely closed as a system, not by individuals. It’s a shame that somebody’s trying to make meaningless public figures on April 16th. They have been doing the same distortion since the November 2002 election. Again and again, the same delusions do not stop backing up.

Now they want a weak government in Parliament bound by cotton yarn. They want to use this misty air to recycle them. We have been fighting for 14 years to keep Turkey away from twilight. We could not prevent someone’s idea of ​​mind from staying in old Turkey. April 16 is closing their hopes. So they are attacking, They’re Furious.” Erdoğan said.