“Erdogan will be Turkey’s Next President Until 2023 “

Recep-Tayyip-ErdoganPrime Minister Tayyip Erdogan will be Turkey’s next president until 2023 and parliament will change the constitution to bestow more powers on the office, a senior party official said on Saturday.

Turkey’s most dominant politician in generations, Erdogan has said he will run for office if his party asks him to, but has yet to announce his candidacy for an August election.

The three-time prime minister is widely expected to become Turkey’s first directly elected president after constitutional changes made in 2007. So far he has no rival for the race.

“Erdogan will continue to serve the people. In fact he will continue as president,” said Mehmet Ali Sahin, deputy chairman of the ruling AK Party and a former cabinet minister.

Sahin said he expected the AK Party to take more seats in a 2015 general election, enough to change the constitution and allow Erdogan to remain the head of his party, rather than being a supposedly neutral head of state, as is currently required.

“That way Erdogan will be president as a member of a political party, and he will continue to serve our people until 2023,” Sahin said in comments broadcast by NTV news channel.

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