Gerald Brenan, Lennon or Brigitte Bardot: the craziest years of the Costa del Sol

A book, ‘Eccentrics on the Costa de Sol’, compiles the stories of the intellectuals, artists, counterfeiters and gangsters who flocked to the Malaga coast attracted by freedom, the beach and…

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And God Created Woman

BrigitteBardot in ‘And God Created Woman’ (1956) . This movie turned Brigitte Bardot into an international star. Bardot stars as Juliette, an 18-year-old orphan whose unbridled appetite for pleasure shakes…

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Brigitte Bardot for Hulot Resignation: “He did not do anything at ll”

A few hours after the resignation of former minister Nicolas Hulot, animal activist and French actress Brigitte Bardot welcomes this decision and strongly criticizes its record on BFMTV. Brigitte Bardot does…

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