The Dolce Vita by Salma Hayek

For some time now, the actress has appeared very often on her Instagram account in a swimsuit, soaking up the pool and the sun. And too bad for those who…

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Salma Hayek has Shared with her Followers A Video of PCR

Salma Hayek has wanted to share a curious video with her followers. The actress has managed to find that comic side that is needed to deal with such complicated issues…

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Salma Hayek: “Harvey Beni de Taciz Etti O Benim de Canavarım”

Hülya Karahan Salma Hayek, Harvey Weinstein’ı cinsel taciz ile suçladı ve : “O benim de canavarım, beni öldürmekle tehdit etti” dedi. Frida ve Trafik filmleriyle Oscar’a aday gösterilen Meksikalı…

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